Visual merchandising display

The purpose of Visual Merchandising.

By studying the determinants of design elements, the layout of display window can expand the vision and imagination. The composition of window display should consider lines, shapes, color to match theme to be formed a pleasing ensemble that draws the audience’s eyes and transmits specific information while visually supporting other presentation items.

Window Display Supplier

Decorative Surfboard Display Props

Decorative Surfboard Display Props

Ho Display developed many types of surfboards/snowboards by fiberglass material, metal material, PVC material for brand retail.

It’s common props decorated in Sports store, Beer brand and window display.

By this way, we can help clients solve marketing problems, enhance brand value and profitability.

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Living Spring Window Display

Ho Display Ltd window display manufacturer used fiberglass to make shape of stons and bears and surface finish is used flocking tech to cover the stones and bears shape, all theme of window display looks green, that is what we did the Living Spring Window Display in 2018 spring for retailer visual merchandising.