Fiberglass Balloons Shopping Mall Decor Visual Merchandising

Fiberglass Balloons

Shopping Mall Decor Visual Merchandising Fiberglass Balloons

Retailers prepare event to display their style. And the way of how they do promotional merchandising. Visual merchandising props and decoration is part of this. This we act quick display. It is to show the new shopping condition in store or shopping mall. So then new series of updated products coming. Retailers will update visual merchandising props too. This display decoration is fiberglass balloons. But we need these balloons look a bit more likely bulb. So this is how the idea comes.

Introduction to how we make this project. And what materials can introduce on this work. This promotional event display props are used multiple materials. Material of balloons is fiberglass. Or it is called Fiber Reinforce Plastic. The surface finish by flocking and painting. Support pipe is stainless finish by electroplating. Base is made from MDF finish by flocking. Production process and technique. Normally, 3D print is an efficient way to make shape. However such size of balloon is large to increase cost. Therefore we choose mud sculpture to make shape. The shape is main used to develop mold for nest of fiberglass balloons to produce.

The support pole is to use stainless material. Because is strong enough to resistant to rust. Surface finish plating is very easy to rust. Specially for vacuum plating. That is why we choose stainless material. By the way, 304 stainless is proper choice to select. It is strong enough for display props. No need to have better stainless. So in this way to support fiberglass balloons. We will have no worries to see defects of this whole visual merchandising. Base material is MDF to make construction. Surface finish is flocking technique.

In conclusion of this visual merchandising props. Usage of materials; fiberglass, 304 stainless, MDF. Surface finish; painting, flocking, plating. Base is detachable to optimize package.