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Welcome to view stream tornado effect window. This project made from transparent resin. As visual merchandising products supplier, we take resin as priority material. 

Tornado Window Display Props

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Here is how we make this Stream tornado effect widnow. First we use mud to make shape as stream tornado. This step needs to consider key point, mud sculpture has to be wet enough. Otherwise it will be too hard to modify shape. This is important step for stream tornado effect window display props.

After that we develop mold by fiberglass and silica gel. Then we pull transparent resin into mold to dry up as the shape. Finally, we spray color concentrate on surface, therefore this product is colored light green. This working way is best choise to work, especially when this project works under tight time. This is elastic as window display props factory needs to keep.

All this work is to complete, we will see how final effect to display in store. We complete this job to match visual merchandising designer. It is great merchandising to boast retail for brands. This tornado effect window display idea is to show: Through the calm water on the surface. I don’t know how deep the bottom of the water is. It is a metaphor for people who are silent on the surface but have great power.  

The designer use tornado element to present the sporting shoes. It’s a symbol of  powerful and pretty good idea for visual merchandising. In addition, size of this product is 3 meters and weight about 40KGS. As window display props factory, we take careful to consider package. This window display prop needs to pack by crates. Inside with styrofoam to protect goods.

All window display projects are produced by Ho Display, thanks for watching! If you have any project to be consultant, please contact with us immediately. We will provide our experienced suggestion for you.

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