2020 - BOLON New Season Concept Window Display

Window Display Company Makes Bolon VM

2020 - BOLON New Season Concept Window Display

Window Display Company Makes Bolon VM In 2o2o

LED has been widely introduced in visual merchandising. Especially in window display props. Bright lights are strong to catch eyes from passing consumers. But LED is simply one element to display. Visual merchandising design is needing more materials to combine. This window display is to have iron, stainless, vinyl, acrylic. As window display company, this is our job to make them on the ground. Here to bring you view to learn how we produce visual merchandising props.

2020 - BOLON New Season Concept Window Display

First, we need to check construction and materials first when we see design. We will make sure all details are able to produce. Also we need to consider cost. This is balance to make quality and effective cost. After this, we provide options and solution with our great experience of window display props.

Second, we use iron materials to make these triangle. Weld technique makes all connection is strong to put together. The surface finish of metal triangle is painted gold color. This project uses main element is LED. Therefore we choose most proper acrylic material. This material is very helpful to spread lights. These hanging cube lights are made from acrylic.

Third, the main LED triangle. The light Cube needs to have connection. As window display company we prefer to stainless to connect each LED cube. Because these connection supports need to have electroplating finish. So stainless is best choice. In this way, we can avoid rusting problems. As professional window dispaly props company, we will test the whole window before mass production. This how we do to test, please see second image. 

In conclusion, Iron, stainless, LED, vinvl, are introduced in this window display props project. The whole work tests in our own factory. If you are looking for end window display company to produce VM. Here we are to support you. you will learn how efficient we are. Because we are not middle man, we are end supplier.