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Bolon retailer Glasses window display in 2020 made in China. Typical visual merchandising element is window display. Here we are going to bring you how we did this. And what materials and technique we use. You will learn what a Window Display Props Manufacturer make window display.

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First, when we receive visual merchandising design. We will provide options and suggestion to retailer. Here most important points are to choose material. It is key point to make this whole design with great looking and cost effective. This project uses MDF, LED and metal. Surface finish is to introduce painting and silk screen. As Window Display Props Manufacturer will optimize construction. This construction is workable to break down. So store just simply needs to assemble by easy steps. Proper solution is provided by us. All steps produce in our own workshops. Therefore each step works under our control. All is predictable as production plan.

Second, we will assemble the whole window display to check at prototype. Just in case to see if there is issues.  In this step, we will see the whole design to complete. So after that we will have no worries to go mass production. This is how we work as Window Display Props factory. All LED connection is well protected to make sure safe. This is key point we will consider as Window Display Props Manufacturer. In the meanwhile, all LED system is tested before to ship out. We hide wires of LED in products.

Thrid, we use five layers KK degree corrugated paper carton. It is hard and rough enough to protect goods. Inside we use foam to ensure goods do not move during travelling.

In conclusion, construction is detachable. LED system is well tested and hidden wires to make sure good looking. Surface finish is to use painting, power coating.

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