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Christmas Window Display Props

window display christmas decoration props

Christmas Window Display Props

Christmas is one of most important festival for retail. Because this day people are much more willing to shop. So during this period all brands need to update visual merchandising. Here we go, christmas window display props for each Christmas. Let us view steps how we make this animal statue projects for Christmas project.

Fiberglass statue sculpture

First, mud sculpture. 3D print is good option to make shape, but it needs time to draw. So when it is urgent mud is best choice to work. Especially when size and details are not clear. Mud sculpture forms inch by inch, therefore this shape is ok to modify during this step. But this step needs to take careful keeping wet.

Second, when shape is done. We can develeop mold to produce fiberglass products. This is one of ways to complete Christmas display props projects. Inside of mold stick on silica gel. Outside of mold is fiberglass to keep solid and harp. This is whole mold to do fiberglass animal statue. Below you can see the new born products from mold.

Fiberglass statue

Third, this just comes from mold. Surface needs to polish and deal with dots or scratches. So after this work completes, we start to painting color. As window display prop supplier, we use special painting sticker. This sticker is to prevent from other color to mix. This Christmas window display props need to have different color. So, we need to paint four times. One color painting completes, we take off stickers moving to next step.

In conclusion, this is how we produce this christmas window display props. Also, almost fiberglass products produce in such process. The style and fiberglass rats to present this. These fiberglass mice are vivid to catch passers-by eyes as window display props. In visual merchandising industry, Hodisplay completed tremendous cases of window display props to support retail brands and shopping malls.