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Window display props fiberglass pigs

Window display props fiberglass pig

Fiberglass Pig

Thanks to view hodisplay’s window display works. Here to show what we did this project.

Animal mud sculpture

Mud sculpture is efficent way to make the shape of our design, which is very elastic to do in the meanwhile we can modify if you see it is not matched to your idea. When this shape is made and confirmed, the we can use mud shapes to develop mould so that is what we did in fiberglass way. After we move to next step, please see image below


Here is the form of fiberglass to complete pigs, we painted blue to match colour according to Pantone.  We introduced elastic sticker to make these stripes that is why all stripes look in order. Eventually, we can see a completed window display below. So the work is done! We did fiberglass pigs.

elfiberglass animal


Window display plays an important role to attract attention from potential customers, the match of colours is a priority and element as well, Hodisplay is supplier to complete various design window display or visual merchandising props, we are a manufacturer has five workshops (wood, metal, acrylic, fiberglass, paper) to make window display props. This fiberglass pig is made from fiberglass finished by painting and tape to present this perfect window display, as window display supplier we have done many cases. See more visual merchandising products to view our blog you will find this is prefessional visual merchandising factory.

Window advertising is one of the most common and widely used forms of publicity in commercial advertising, which plays a positive role in promoting the production of all walks of life, expanding the circulation of commodities and guiding consumption.Window advertising, like other advertising media, develops with the development of commodity production.An operator of contemporary commerce;Pay more attention to advertising, pay attention to window display art, improve mall facilities and customer appearance, attract more customers, which is also the inevitable trend of the development of modern scientific management.