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window display props

 Here to show how we complete fiberglass stripe pigs.

Fiberglass pigs

From beganing, Mud sculpture is efficient way to make the shape on visual merchandising design. Almost each season window is urgent to publish with timeline. Therefore as window display props factory, we need to find proper solution to match client’s needs.

First all, we use mud to make shape. This step simply takes two or three days. After this step is to complete, we will develop mold by using silica gel and fiberglass. These two steps take seven days. Second, we can see first product to do surface finish. Here is advantage to choose fiberglass material to do this window display props. Finally, this fiberglass pig’s body is to complete, we use elastic stick to put on. This special stick is fine to stretch, our skilled workers can adjust surface stripes. Therefore, it can look good in order. We need to keep enough elastic to match every window display products.

Window Display props supplier

window display props


Today, window display is an important role to attract attention from potential customers. The match of colors are a priority and element are another important technique. Moreover, Hodisplay is experienced window display props supplier to complete various VM design. we are a manufacturer which has five workshops (wood, metal, acrylic, fiberglass, paper) to make window display props.

This fiberglass pig is made from fiberglass finished by painting and tape to present this perfect window display. See more window display props to view our blog. You will find this is professional visual merchandising factory.

Conclusion, window advertising is one of the most common and widely used forms of publicity in commercial advertising. In other words, It plays a positive role in promoting the production of all walks of life. Expanding the circulation of commodities and guiding consumption. Window advertising, like other advertising media. develops with the development of commodity production.