Gold metal palm tree

Golden Palm Tree Display Props Finish Electroplating

Summer window display

Golden Palm Tree Display Props Finish Electroplating

Palm tree is one of elements of Summer season. Brands have to find display props to match the shopping condition. So it is one of ideas for visual merchandising. Please follow our introduction to learn how we make this gold palm tree.

First material is to use acrylic. Size and shape simply need to have thin material. Also, it needs to be easy forming the shape. Therefore, acrylic is fit to this project. How we do to form this shape of golden palm tree leaves? The answer is to use heat. We use MDF to make mold, then just put leaves. Then heater to make this soft. Eventually, it will be the shape which we want by mold. And This window display golden palm tree is finished by painting gold color. In the meanwhile, such gold palm tree can be plating to have glossy gold color. After all color painting, we add glossy oil. This is to prevent scratches to protect surface of products. We make sure you will receive perfect products in hands without harm.

Second, we use metal to produce base and supports to assemble. So this construction is workable to reduce package and transport cost. Each leaf has connection support on back. It is easy and simple to assemble this golden palm tree display prop. Even without instruction brochure.

The summer indow display props are perfect example to show in window display. As window display props supplier, Hodisplay is well learned to find proper solution to produce each project. So we are good at working on multiple materials for window display props. This golden palm tree display prop is to combine metal and acrylic.

In conclusion, we introduce acrylic and metal, these two materials. Technique is to use heating and painting. This project only takes 25 days to provide 288 stores. The simplest way to complete this golden palm tree project. This popular summer season window display is to complete.