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Autumn Window Display Props VM Products

We are here to bring you the idea of this design. And how we produce this difficult visual merchandising props. Start to how the creative visual merchandising to come. This brand is about to polish new seires style skirt. The style needs window props to match. So the creative visual merchandising props design comes. To see the wrinkle here, this is perfectly to match the skirt. So this is the story of antumn window display props.

Then, let us move to how we produce this creative visual merchandising props. This one of our most difficult window display to make. First we need to introduce 3d print technique to manag this form of horse. This one step is easy to do. Second, the most hard point, mold. This kind of form can not simply develop mold in traditional way. Because it is not solid or symmetry. Therefore we need to use three molds to work gether to produce such shape. This is how we produce this wrinkle hors for autumn window display props. Let us see image below.

This image you can see here is to polish by inch. This is shape to develop mold. Simply this step takes 3 days to do. Such form can not polish surface. Because we can see there is no position to polish. So after we overcome the step of mold. We also need to take careful to polish mold. Otherwides, there will be scratches or defects. Nerther nor to be acceptable for clients or us. Thinking of finding solution to every window display props are our insinct.

In conclusion, hodisplay introduced 3D print to make shape after that mould was allowed to do as nexst step. This is not easy work to complete, you can see folded surface is to polish very smoothly. So the fiberglass horse head is completed. The tail of fiberglass horse looks like skirt, beautiful, elegant and noble.

we are proud to fulfill this autumn window display props.