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Window Display Props Supplier To Display Flocking Unicorn Statue For VM

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Window Display Props Supplier To Display Flocking Unicorn Statue For VM

This season window display is here to bring you elegant display. Does this window display look great do you?Here we go to introduce how we make these window display props here. We are gong to bring you what tehnique we use on this project.

First, start to make shape in order to develop mold for mass production. Such big size needs to use mud making shape. After this work is to complete, we use silica gel and fiberglass to develop mold.

Second, the construction of this fiberglass unicorn needs to make two parts. The spur of fiberglass unicorn needs to assemble. Because it will be easy to break during shipping and transport. As professional window display props supplier we will provide extra spur. In order to prevent if the spur is broken. So you can have no worries to afraid the spur of unicorn statue.

Third, the surface of this unicorn needs to polish very smoothly. Even we do not need to paint color. Because the surface needs to finish by flocking. There are two sorts of flocking. One is very short almost only white color here. Another is to stick the hair. First surface technique is to be flocking. After that we painting color. Finally we stick hair. This is the production process to work. To match client’s design, the Roman pillar is also made by Hodisplay, the window display props supplier.

In conclusion, this is how we produce this whole elegant window display.

Here this pictures are here to see details of this flocking fiberglass unicorn. This elegant window display props are used by different technique to complete. One is flocking, second is fiberglass, third is painting. After this introduction, I guess you will understand more what window display props supplier we are.