Fiberglass Elephant Statue Display Props

Fiberglass elephant statue

Artificial Fiberglass Elephant statue Display Props

Fiberglass is one of best choice material to make such props. When quantity is not many to go, so mold fee needs to consider. This artificial fiberglass elephant is fit to use fiberglass. This one animal statue is to display in window display for brands. It is part of Visual merchandising to summer season window.

First, we introduce 3D print technique to make shape. The key point of surface is texture. Therefore 3D print is good option to do this. Second, after shape is done, we develop mold by this shape. Third, we paint color on this surface of elephant statue. in the result to see the wonderful fiberglass elephant statue.

Let us see the detail by photos, the most difficult step is to deal with surface finish. So as window display props supplier, we need to improve all points. The mold of fiberglass elephant statue must clean to be smooth. Otherwise, there will be too many works to polish surface. It should avoid to polish surface, that is why almost works to do on mold.

In the meanwhile, we add foot pad on the bottom of legs. This window display props can keep your floor clean and protect this elephant statue. 

In conclusion, fiberglass is proper solution to do animal statue for window display. It needs few days to complete mold, one month to finish mass production. Delivery on time for project, especially for each urgent season window display. Ho Display is experienced in customized window display props/VM solution/event decoration, offering one-stop service since 2010, with acrylic, PVC, wood, metal, fiberglass/resin and 3D-print workshops. We have 50 works for production, 2QC and 2 engineers.

We can take the mysterious, hazy design and carve out of it anything that we can imagine, just as a sculptor carves a statue from a shapeless stone.

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