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PVC Camel Statue Props In Window Display

camel window display props

PVC Camel Statue Props In Window Display

Great presentation comes from excellent design and display. We are here to provide custom serivce of window display props. 

Introduction of production process of this camel statue. First PVC sheet is light and low cost material to consider. Second, UV printing technique is make surface finish on the whole sheet. After that we use CNC to cut shapes. Finally, it is to assemble surface finished by UV painting. 

The vitally important point is how to deal with such pieces when the quantity is many. We use pipeline way to assemble, each position to settle assembly mold. So in case to prevent people make mistake and improve labor force. The most cost spends on this step for this PVC camel statue props project.

Ho Display is experienced in customized window display props. VM solution and event decoration are in our service range. To offering one-stop service since 2010 with various materials. Including materials: acrylic, PVC, wood, metal, fiberglass/resin and 3D-print workshops. Take this PVC camel statue for example, it is simply one part of our ability.

PVC camel statue props are most likely jigsaw, but it is much larger. This PVC camel needs to use high density PVC foam sheet to assemble. Because we need to consider it is strong enough and tough. Particularly, its surface is easy to scratch. 

We can take the mysterious, hazy design and carve out of it anything that we can imagine.  Just as a sculptor carves a statue from a shapeless stone.

Conclusion, PVC is very light material but a little bit fragile. Double sides of UV print on surface finish, but the edge is white color. At last, the designer told us the idea inspired from Chinese shadow puppetry.

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