FRP glass fiber dinosaur sculpturer

Glass Fiber Dinosaur Statue Display Props

FRP Glass Fiber Dinosaur Display Props in Window

FRP glass fiber dinosaur sculpturer

As you can see the gorgeous glass fiber dinosaur sculpture in window display, why so many luxury brands like fiberglass props?

Let’s check it out how we make it and you will like it!

fiberglass dinosaur

When design drawing or pictures confirmed by client, we start to make mold. There are three ways to make mold. One is 3D-print: it’s very common in small props and 3D drawing provided. Second is foam sculpture. But if we don’t have drawing and the props are giant, then we can consider mud sculpture.

The sculptor will prepare iron bone structure before putting muds on it. Then the shape of dinosaur come into being slowly. It’s flexible if we want to change its shape. But make sure it’s wet(use bags to cover it), otherwise the sculpture would be cracked in three days.

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When mud sculpture finished, then move to next step. Make “real” mold on mud sculpture. A mixture of fiberglass and resin coating on surface of mud sculpture. Normally the thickness is 3mm-8mm, just depends on how big the prop is. We must make sure it’s strong enough.

Then we move on next step: Mold repair and polish. This process is very important and infects the effect of final painting. There are some bubbles or embossing hole on mold surface, we must repair them and polish surface until smooth.

giant dinosaur statue

Then we can color this giant buddy if we finish above process. It’s a tough work because there are many colors relevant that we should use paper to cover the place where we don’t want to paint on.

The final step is packing. Make sure it’s safe enough during transportation.

ho display

Dimensions: L300/W40/H140cm, base 45*45*8cm

Gross Weight: 60KGS

Normally, tooling costs about 3-5 days and first sample needs 15 days. Mass production needs 30-60 days, depends on quantity.