fibre glass robot

Customized Robot Props in Window Display

As a window display props supplier, we met many design for window visual.

We’re glad to create, unveil and production for this cute robot.

window display robotfibre glass robot

It’s 1.65 meters high and consists several kinds of materials, like fibre glass(body and base), metal spring(hands and leg), acrylic tube(hands), plastic ball(hands).

By the years of display props supplied, making us a skilled expert and be one of the most competitive supplier in Xiamen. We can quickly meet your demands not only for apparel, watch, sports, jewelry, cosmetics brands, but also shopping mall and plaza.


Tornado Window Display Props

静水流深 – Tornado Window Display Props

静水流深(JingShuiLiuShen) is a idiom in Chinese:Through the calm water on the surface, I don’t know how deep the bottom of the water is. It is a metaphor for people who are silent on the surface but have great power.  

Tornado Window Display Props

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The designer use tornado element to present the sporting shoes. It’s a symbol of  powerful and pretty good idea for visual merchandising. 

In addition, the height of the tornado is 3 meters which weights about 40KGS. 

All window display props are produced by Ho Display, thanks for watching! If you have any project to be consultant, please contact with us immediately. We will provide our experienced suggestion for you!