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Post work of window display props factory customizes robot props for visual merchandising.

This project is made for 2020 summer season window display. It is cartoon robot design to combine multiple materials and technique to complete. First, fiberglass is best choice to make the whole body. Because it only needs to take 10 days to develop mold and we can see first sample in 12 days. Especially during short time to work on this window display project. After all. as a professional window display props factory, we always find proper solution for each project.

Second, we use existing acrylic ball to make hands. This smooth surface is perfect material to plain color. Third, we use metal to make base, arms and legs made from 304 stainless material. According to the surface spraying color by electroplating. Stainless is proper choice. Finally, just to painting color on this robot. The whole work is how we to do as a window display props supplier thinking of doing.
fibre glass robot

Furthermore, such complicated construction needs to consider how to pack safely. When all window display props need to travel by sea which takes many days. That is for window display props factory to consider. As a restul, honeycomb box is what we think to pack such combined construction. Moreover, we use storyfoam as inside protection to keep this display prop stay tightly in carton. So less damage when it can not move inside of honeycombe carton. Honeycomb carton is tough and strong enough prevent damage and light to pick.

Conclusion, It’s 1.65 meters high and consists several kinds of materials. Like fibre glass(body and base), metal spring(hands and leg), acrylic tube(hands), plastic ball(hands). Surface is finished by painting and electroplating.

By the years of display props supplied. Making us a skilled expert and be one of the most competitive window display props factory in Xiamen. We can quickly meet your demands not only for apparel, watch, sports, jewelry, cosmetics brands, but also shopping mall and plaza. Here, you are welcome to visit more project in our blog to see what we did before. How this window display supplier is capable of providing visual merchandising products.

You will realize that capacity and budge are well controlled here.