Window Decoration Props PVC Window Display

Window decoration props

Props can be an integral part of window dressing. Because props are important tools to support the window decoration. There is no prop support, the window can not reflect a unique sense of shape. The design and production of window decoration props is an important factor to make the window look beautiful. So it is necessary for us to know the importance of window display props.

In modern economic society, from shopping malls to shops along the street. Window display can be seen everywhere. And window invisibly affects consumers’ aesthetic psychology and purchasing tendency. The main purpose of using window display props is to better attract the attention of consumers. In order to make the window appear to taste infinite. Highlight the artistic effect, some shopping condition promotional props strange ideas often can play a very good role. Now, window decoration props has become a big trend. Because the simple props, will give a very fashionable feeling. Also more prominent product itself and the quality of the product. Consider using special props, such as transparent acrylic display props. This is beautiful, and simplified window display, kill two birds with one stone.

Window decoration props

Such window display props are made from PVC extension sheet. This material is light to move. We just make color surface finish on these sheets. So in this window decoration props, we do not need to paint surface finish again. Therefore, surface finish cost can be reduced. This style of window display is to use Roman style. You can see these pillars. They are made of fiberglass to paint matt white. 

To sum up, making you have the perfect visual merchandising products has always been the pursuit of Hodisplay. Hodisplay has rich experience in making window display props. We can make all kinds of VM design products suitably for you.