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Window display supplier customizes robot props

Post work of window display supplier customizes robot props for visual merchandising. This project is made for 2020 summer season window display. It is cartoon robot design to combine multiple materials and technique to complete. First, fiberglass is best choice to make the whole body. Because it only needs to take 10 days to develop […]

Fiberglass Dinosaur Statue Display Props

Fiberglass Dinosaur statue display props in Window As you can see the gorgeous fiberglass dinosaur statue sculpture in window display. why so many luxury brands like fiberglass props? And how we produce this kind of display props? Let’s check it out how we make it and to learn more what the process is going. First, […]

PVC Camel Statue Props In Window Display

PVC Camel Statue Props In Window Display Great presentation comes from excellent design and display. We are here to provide custom serivce of window display props.  Introduction of production process of this camel statue. First PVC sheet is light and low cost material to consider. Second, UV printing technique is make surface finish on the […]

Fiberglass Elephant Statue Display Props

Artificial Fiberglass Elephant statue Display Props Fiberglass is one of best choice material to make such props. When quantity is not many to go, so mold fee needs to consider. This artificial fiberglass elephant is fit to use fiberglass. This one animal statue is to display in window display for brands. It is part of […]

Window Display Props Supplier To Display Flocking Unicorn Statue For VM

Window Display Props Supplier To Display Flocking Unicorn Statue For VM This season window display is here to bring you elegant display. Does this window display look great do you?Here we go to introduce how we make these window display props here. We are gong to bring you what tehnique we use on this project. […]

Golden Palm Tree Display Props Finish Electroplating

Golden Palm Tree Display Props Finish Electroplating Palm tree is one of elements of Summer season. Brands have to find display props to match the shopping condition. So it is one of ideas for visual merchandising. Please follow our introduction to learn how we make this gold palm tree. First material is to use acrylic. […]

Window display props fiberglass pigs

window display props  Here to show how we complete fiberglass stripe pigs. From beganing, Mud sculpture is efficient way to make the shape on visual merchandising design. Almost each season window is urgent to publish with timeline. Therefore as window display props factory, we need to find proper solution to match client’s needs. First all, […]

Christmas Window Display Props

Christmas Window Display Props Christmas is one of most important festival for retail. Because this day people are much more willing to shop. So during this period all brands need to update visual merchandising. Here we go, christmas window display props for each Christmas. Let us view steps how we make this animal statue projects […]

Window Display Props Manufacturer Makes Visual Merchandising

Glasses Visual Merchandising Window Display Props Manufacturer Bolon retailer Glasses window display in 2020 made in China. Typical visual merchandising element is window display. Here we are going to bring you how we did this. And what materials and technique we use. You will learn what a Window Display Props Manufacturer make window display. First, […]

Window Display Company Makes Bolon VM

Window Display Company Makes Bolon VM In 2o2o LED has been widely introduced in visual merchandising. Especially in window display props. Bright lights are strong to catch eyes from passing consumers. But LED is simply one element to display. Visual merchandising design is needing more materials to combine. This window display is to have iron, […]

Visual Merchandising Props Supplier

Visual Merchandising Props Supplier – End Manufacture Factory provides Custom Window Display Props Service What kind of elements in window display to bring you to realize which season? Christmas tree is a typical element to know Christmas coming. But tranditional Christmass tree is not needing more. This triangle LED tree is one sort of Christmas […]

Window display props factory

Welcome to view stream tornado effect window. This project made from transparent resin. As visual merchandising products supplier, we take resin as priority material.  Here is how we make this Stream tornado effect widnow. First we use mud to make shape as stream tornado. This step needs to consider key point, mud sculpture has to […]

Giant Wooden Book Event Display Props

Giant Wooden Book Event Display Props Event decoration is part of visual merchandising. Giant display props are popular idea to design for visual merchandising or window display. Especially in shopping mall. Retailers are keen to improve stores environment as well as shopping mall. Here we are to produce event display props and show how we […]

Window Display Manufacturer Display Props

Window Display Manufacturer Display Props Astronaut is a novel element in window display. Some famous apparel brands use this element. This idea design is to use for visual merchandising props. And promotional events props or shipping decoration. As window display manufacturer, we keep updating to adapt our ability. From multiple materials to combine. And surface finish to make. Like painting, plating, […]

Shopping Mall Decor Visual Merchandising Balloons

This Shopping mall decor, visual merchandising balloons are made from fiberglass and stainless to set together. We completed this project in simply 20 days for 100 stores. What tight work we have done perfectly. See these fiberglass balloons, plating stainless poles and flocking base how they are assembled. At Ho Display you will find no […]

Summer Window Display

Visual Merchandising LED Display For Summer Window Display It takes 7 days to complete this urban brand window only. This window display full of Europe and America style construction. Elements: PVC, MDF, Acrylic, Light decoration. We can process many kinds of visual display props with different materials in our factory, like fiberglass, resin, acrylic, wood, […]

2018 Only Chinese New Year Window Display in Shenzhen

Pig Year Window Display Thanks for designer – KC from Hongkong, communicating the project with us for 2018 ONLY Chinese New Year(Pig Year). We can see lots of Chinese elements in the window. The designer uses screen with Chinese element a little bit and leather pig. It looks more premium by leather material.” KC said. […]