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2019 Dancing Wolf – Winter Window Display

2019 Dancing Wolf – Winter Window Display

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What kind of elements in window display remind you when Christmas coming?  Bold red color? Christmas tree? Or typical reindeer? Of course we have experience creating such kind window display props.

Christmas window display

We are proud to make this creative idea winter window display / visual merchandising done. Hodisplay made window display perfectly happened again.

We can take the mysterious, hazy design and carve out of it anything that we can imagine, just as a sculptor carves a statue from a shapeless stone.


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Window Display Supplier

Elegant Fiberglass Horse for Visual Display

Elegant Fiberglass Horse for Visual Display

Window Display Supplier

You are proud to make this creative idea window display / visual merchandising done. Hodisplay made window display perfectly happened again.

ho display

Considering to fiberglass horse of the body, we use steel structure inside it. You can see the finish is pretty good and we’re glad to see that our client likes it.

Giant Wooden Book Window Display Props

Giant Wooden Book Window Display Props

This giant book prop is made from MDF and covered by sophisticated tech flocking, used in window display and shopping mall display, this is great visual merchandising prop to show and insert designer’s original idea, here again, Hodisplay the visual display supplier makes this happened again!!!

Fiberglass astronaut figure for Summer Window Display

Fiberglass astronaut figure for Summer Window Display

Astronaut is a novel element in window display, some famous apparel  brands use this element, like Moncler.

Ho Display has a wealth of experience and organized production system including metal, acrylic, fiberglass workshops support us to accomplish projects.

Most materials of window display props, visual merchandising props, promotional events props are able to produce in our own factory, as window display supplier, each step of project is predictable and controlled, you will find no worries but only peace of your mind here.

Right now we have a wide range of knowledge in fiberglass, stainless, metal, wood, acrylic, PVC, etc. And good ideas and proposals come to our mind on drawings of window display props to have efficient communication with you at a preliminary discussion.

Fiberglass Elegant Of Visual Merchandising Props

Fiberglass Elegant Of Visual Merchandising Props

This fiberglass elegant is made from fiberglass, finish is key point to make this vivid, this is great visual merchandising prop placed in window display

Shopping Mall Decor Visual Merchandising Balloons

This Shopping mall decor, visual merchandising balloons are made from fiberglass and stainless to set together. We completed this project in simply 20 days for 100 stores.

What tight work we have done perfectly. See these fiberglass balloons, plating stainless poles and flocking base how they are assembled.

At Ho Display you will find no worries for window display and visual merchandising props.

Summer Window Display

Visual Merchandising LED Display For Summer Window Display

It takes 7 days to complete this urban brand window only. This window display full of Europe and America style construction.

Elements: PVC, MDF, Acrylic, Light decoration.

We can process many kinds of visual display props with different materials in our factory, like fiberglass, resin, acrylic, wood, metal, etc.

Feel free to contact me if you need window display prop!

Shopping Mall Props – Visual Merchandising Display Supplier

Visual merchandisng is part of brand’s culture to show the story, Ho Display is here to offer one stop service of making window and visual merchandising props, from samples, production, delivery, installation. We are the window display supplier to support your retail display props.

Visual merchandising giant decor

Hodisplay has great understanding of visual merchandising and window display, our capacity can complete each difficult project of visual merchandising, take this one for example, this mall decor has giant size and two different colours to go, one is electroplating silver and another is yellow painting.

2018 Only Chinese New Year Window Display in Shenzhen

Pig Year Window Display

Thanks for designer – KC from Hongkong, communicating the project with us for 2018 ONLY Chinese New Year(Pig Year).

We can see lots of Chinese elements in the window. The designer uses screen with Chinese element a little bit and leather pig. It looks more premium by leather material.” KC said.

Hodisplay has almost materials workshops of window display to produce different themes of visual merchandising in our own factory, we do not do oursourcing work, we manufacture all window display to control timeline, quality with our years of experience to make your idea happened.

Your visual merchandising idea is always found solution here at hodisplay, the professional window display props supplier

Winter Window Display

Black background mirror effect panel and LED stripe  combine to present the unique window display, we used hot roll steal as material to make background panel, developed mould to punch the sphere of surface of panel, at Ho Display Ltd you will always find answer from us, we provide solution for you.

Robot Arms Window Display

Brand introduced the idea of precise mechanism to show brand has the finest clothes, two robot arms to match this idea. In order to make look real, we rejected fiberglass to copy robot arms (even it 99% does resemble) to use metal making these arms, finish is metallic lacquer to have more the texture of metal, therefore here we see the complated window display for visual merchandising.

Visual Window Display – Visual Display Supplier

We completed short timeline project with our  quick reaction and elasticity for male window display in 2018, Ho display offers multiple materials and skilled prototyping in production of visual display, window display, visual merchandising props, that is what we do since 2010.

Visual merchandising in Shopping Mall

Visual merchandising is art like a great show to present audiences, each size is accurate to connect metal bar. We offers one stop service from design discussion, improvement, prototype, bulk production, QC, shipment for visual merchandising display. Ho display has multiple materials workshops combined to complete complicated materials and construction display, we make your design to be real.

Exquisite theme window display

Visual merchandising is also part of showing retailer’s culture and history, the accessory is to present the exquisite quality and test of brand. People are more interested in viewing picture than reading words, it is as same as visual merchandising, window display is like picture to attract passing customers, and we are here to support your ideas and design of window display or visual merchandising to be completed.

Resin Home Decor

Resin Home Decor

This is a small world of seabed showing in this connected pictures, these are elegant home decor made from transparent resin and wood, frame is made of metal. Great work of resin home decor, this is not simple home decor or display props, this is an art. When hodisplay received this project, we seemed to have travelling experience of natural art.

Elaborating garments window display

Tasty style includes lean production and high quality, which is culture and history. This is attractive point to be introduced in window display and this is how the idea come from. Ho display visual merchandising supplier is to support your idea and design to present in the reality, our lean production and high quality are matched to your design.

Fiberglass Car


Retail visual merchandising fiberglass display car 1:1 copied real car, this fiberglass car.

Visual merchandising is getting far more important in the modern society, especially commercialized street or mall, Ho display has quick elasticity to adapt into changing of design, we combine different material and organise various accessory suppliers to complete the whole project, we are the manufacturer to deal with all, you will find no worry during project.

Window display merchandising

The understanding of contemporary window design begins from modernist space movement Modernist space design movement refers to a group of architects, designers and theorists started to explore the new aesthetic movement of this20th century. For most aesthetic practitioners it is not just a style, but a belief. The main features of modernism are rationalism. In addition, another key meaning of modernism is: ‘form follows function’.This slogan reflects the movement’s rational and orderly modern design.

While various window display props need multiple materials to realise and make, Ho display combines different materials and a wealth of experience across a variety of design of window display. Different props are completed here from prototype to mass production, from fiberglass to metal or acrylic.

Strategic merchandising – window display

Window display is similar to products package, it plays an important role in the market of merchandising strategy.

Lights, colour, materials and artistic composition are the basic elements of window display, these elements combine to present a theme or a story to tell, this is what we call  visual stimulation to draw attention.