Christmas Window Display

Ho Display is window display and visual merchandising products&props manufacturer who has strong capacity of production to provide custom service of visual display. Ho Display has different materials workshops including metal, stainless, wood, acrylic, fiberglass, PVC. The main materials of window display can be completed in Ho Display. You will see no worries here to launch your projects.

Autumn Window Display

Autumn season window display with tree trunk to show, Ho Display used fiberglass to make tree trunk and fiberglass to make dandelion. This solution is affodtable and smart tech to complete this project, we always find solution to complete your visual merchandising and window display.

Summer Window Display Decorative Palm

Text styles (logos and graphics) do not not only convey information but also increase the complexity of window display. In addition the reason of all the Windows are stage, mannequins are just players showing the product. The clothing display in full-size mannequins has a higher aesthetic response than that in planar suspension. Although there are other factors, product display, last not least, which is creating harmony among the other participants in the display window. In order to explore the subject’s perception, the application of gestalt theory in tool development is to reveal the ability of human senses in graphic visual recognition.

Female Clothes Visual Merchandising Props Retail Decor

Window display is part of visual merchandising and it is most important of visual merchandising to present the “shopping window” especially for passing customers. Ho Display is visual merchandising decorations and window display props supplier to complete your design or idea.

Decorative Fossil Window Display

There are many factors to affect the presentation of window display, colour is one of them, giving different background colors and using appropriate colors to attract the audience’s attention can directly have a good impact on their purchasing decisions