Strategic merchandising – window display

Window display is similar to products package, it plays an important role in the market of merchandising strategy.

Lights, colour, materials and artistic composition are the basic elements of window display, these elements combine to present a theme or a story to tell, this is what we call  visual stimulation to draw attention.


Christmas Window Display

Ho Display keeps updating our tech system and capacity to satisfy various design of window display, our understanding and experience are to go up that help us always find solution for retailers.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Window Display

Merry Christmas Window Display supplied by Ho Display Ltd which is professional manufacturer in production of visual display and window display props, and display fixture for retail. Visual merchandising display products are complicated including various materials, you can leave this project to us to have peace of mind, we complete projects to make your design happened.

Giant lipstick promotional mall props

Holding commercial event with theme, promotional display props are matched to the theme, this lipstick is attractive point to draw attention and match new lipstick. We use fiberglass to make these giant lipstick, almost copy lipstick to display giant version ones, colour is as same as lipstick.

Giant eye display props for shadow makeup

As a display props supplier , we have flexible production system to match your change and request, we quickly adapt to sudden request of market, almost visual merchandising project works under short time, time is definitely valuable for brands, market as well as manufacturer, our great understanding and experience help us digest your idea and request immediately to push project moving fast, our work will leave you peaceful.

Background window display props

Retail display is part of brands to show consumers, window display is the door and window to draw attention from people, Ho display offers supply chain and manufacturing system to support these displays completed. Style, colour, quality are fully matched brands’ idea, together to show audiences, Visual merchandising is needing much more than ever, we are here to support how to finish various design of displays

Shopping mall props illuminated stand

A wealth of display production experience and materials knowledge make Ho display specialised in this industry to serve brands satisfied, when we see your design or read your idea at once we have better suggestion or proposals to find solution whatever shapes, forms and effect expected. Please lick our website to learn more our work including window display props, animal figures&statues, promotional decorations.

Shopping mall props fiberglass decorative rocket


Display props and decorations affect directly the whole merchandising and promotion work, the visual merchandising becomes the “killer mace” for brick-and-mortar stores to promote sales. As display props and decorations supplier is to offer a steady production ability making your stores and event to improve the experience of ones. No matter how often change of your design, we follow up and get it down in short time.

Women’s Wear Window Display

Colourful transparent acrylic window display presentation supplied by Ho Display who is expert in visual merchandising and window display products to provide one stop service across various materials. Tell us your idea or design then we do rest.

Fiberglass basketball

1:1 display prop 3D print basketball made from fiberglass

How to make your design and idea to be real in displays? Leave this work to us, take this basketball for example, we introduce 3D print to prototype and then develop mould, the whole surface is matched real basketball, if you see it from proper distance that this basketball is real but we both know it is not. No matter the shape and surface you expect, we will provide that to match your request. Display props supplier is what we are.

This is perfect 1:1 copied basketball display prop made from fiberglass.