Fiberglass Elephant Statue Display Props

Fiberglass elephant statue

Artificial Fiberglass Elephant statue Display Props

Fiberglass is one of best choice material to make such props. When quantity is not many to go, so mold fee needs to consider. This artificial fiberglass elephant is fit to use fiberglass. This one animal statue is to display in window display for brands. It is part of Visual merchandising to summer season window.

First, we introduce 3D print technique to make shape. The key point of surface is texture. Therefore 3D print is good option to do this. Second, after shape is done, we develop mold by this shape. Third, we paint color on this surface of elephant statue. in the result to see the wonderful fiberglass elephant statue.

Let us see the detail by photos, the most difficult step is to deal with surface finish. So as window display props supplier, we need to improve all points. The mold of fiberglass elephant statue must clean to be smooth. Otherwise, there will be too many works to polish surface. It should avoid to polish surface, that is why almost works to do on mold.

In the meanwhile, we add foot pad on the bottom of legs. This window display props can keep your floor clean and protect this elephant statue. 

In conclusion, fiberglass is proper solution to do animal statue for window display. It needs few days to complete mold, one month to finish mass production. Delivery on time for project, especially for each urgent season window display. Ho Display is experienced in customized window display props/VM solution/event decoration, offering one-stop service since 2010, with acrylic, PVC, wood, metal, fiberglass/resin and 3D-print workshops. We have 50 works for production, 2QC and 2 engineers.

We can take the mysterious, hazy design and carve out of it anything that we can imagine, just as a sculptor carves a statue from a shapeless stone.

fiberglass horse

Window Display Props Supplier To Display Flocking Unicorn Statue For VM

window display horse

Window Display Props Supplier To Display Flocking Unicorn Statue For VM

This season window display is here to bring you elegant display. Does this window display look great do you?Here we go to introduce how we make these window display props here. We are gong to bring you what tehnique we use on this project.

First, start to make shape in order to develop mold for mass production. Such big size needs to use mud making shape. After this work is to complete, we use silica gel and fiberglass to develop mold.

Second, the construction of this fiberglass unicorn needs to make two parts. The spur of fiberglass unicorn needs to assemble. Because it will be easy to break during shipping and transport. As professional window display props supplier we will provide extra spur. In order to prevent if the spur is broken. So you can have no worries to afraid the spur of unicorn statue.

Third, the surface of this unicorn needs to polish very smoothly. Even we do not need to paint color. Because the surface needs to finish by flocking. There are two sorts of flocking. One is very short almost only white color here. Another is to stick the hair. First surface technique is to be flocking. After that we painting color. Finally we stick hair. This is the production process to work. To match client’s design, the Roman pillar is also made by Hodisplay, the window display props supplier.

In conclusion, this is how we produce this whole elegant window display.

Here this pictures are here to see details of this flocking fiberglass unicorn. This elegant window display props are used by different technique to complete. One is flocking, second is fiberglass, third is painting. After this introduction, I guess you will understand more what window display props supplier we are.

Autumn Window Display Props VM Products

Window Display Supplier

Autumn Window Display Props VM Products

We are here to bring you the idea of this design. And how we produce this difficult visual merchandising props. Start to how the creative visual merchandising to come. This brand is about to polish new seires style skirt. The style needs window props to match. So the creative visual merchandising props design comes. To see the wrinkle here, this is perfectly to match the skirt. So this is the story of antumn window display props.

Then, let us move to how we produce this creative visual merchandising props. This one of our most difficult window display to make. First we need to introduce 3d print technique to manag this form of horse. This one step is easy to do. Second, the most hard point, mold. This kind of form can not simply develop mold in traditional way. Because it is not solid or symmetry. Therefore we need to use three molds to work gether to produce such shape. This is how we produce this wrinkle hors for autumn window display props. Let us see image below.

This image you can see here is to polish by inch. This is shape to develop mold. Simply this step takes 3 days to do. Such form can not polish surface. Because we can see there is no position to polish. So after we overcome the step of mold. We also need to take careful to polish mold. Otherwides, there will be scratches or defects. Nerther nor to be acceptable for clients or us. Thinking of finding solution to every window display props are our insinct.

In conclusion, hodisplay introduced 3D print to make shape after that mould was allowed to do as nexst step. This is not easy work to complete, you can see folded surface is to polish very smoothly. So the fiberglass horse head is completed. The tail of fiberglass horse looks like skirt, beautiful, elegant and noble.

we are proud to fulfill this autumn window display props.

Window Display Supplier

Visual Merchandising Props Supplier

Visual Merchandising Props Supplier

Visual Merchandising Props Supplier – End Manufacture Factory provides Custom Window Display Props Service

What kind of elements in window display to bring you to realize which season? Christmas tree is a typical element to know Christmas coming. But tranditional Christmass tree is not needing more. This triangle LED tree is one sort of Christmas tree. So you will soon know in this season when you see this window display. Christmas is important festival for visual merchandising to prepare. Also, it is vital period to brands. All retailers need to make sure how to boast their products. As usual, each window display project is urgent. Especially for Christmas season. As visual merchandising props supplier, we are ready.

Visual Merchandising Props Supplier

Today we are here to bring you to understand how many 3 for visual merchandising props. First, three days to communicate and think of solution. During these days we need to consider workable solution to complete on time. Key point, also budget will be considered. Second you will almost need 5 days to make decision. Third, around 15 days to produce prototype/sample. After that, 7 days to go by express. Clients would need 5 days to make another decision. As visual merchandising props supplier, we will need 30 days to produce.

Finally, shipping and transport need to consider for 40 days. These numbers help us know how long for a visual merchandising props project to go. So the forecast is 100 days to work. However, plan is not always going well. When time is short and urgent, we will always find a way to make. For example, construction and material of design would need to improve. Particularly effect to match. We are here to welcome you to leave inquiry. You will know what a efficient visual merchandising props supplier we are.

In conclusion, 3 days for communication and pricing. 5 days for decision to make. 15 days for prototype or sample to set standard. 5 days to make decision for mass production. 30 days for production. 40 days for shipment and transport. Also warehouse will consider if you need. That also takes time. As visual merchandising props supplier, this is the timeline we provide.

Tornado Window Display Props

Window display props factory

Welcome to view stream tornado effect window. This project made from transparent resin. As visual merchandising products supplier, we take resin as priority material. 

Tornado Window Display Props

Window Display Supplier

Window Display Factory

Here is how we make this Stream tornado effect widnow. First we use mud to make shape as stream tornado. This step needs to consider key point, mud sculpture has to be wet enough. Otherwise it will be too hard to modify shape. This is important step for stream tornado effect window display props.

After that we develop mold by fiberglass and silica gel. Then we pull transparent resin into mold to dry up as the shape. Finally, we spray color concentrate on surface, therefore this product is colored light green. This working way is best choise to work, especially when this project works under tight time. This is elastic as window display props factory needs to keep.

All this work is to complete, we will see how final effect to display in store. We complete this job to match visual merchandising designer. It is great merchandising to boast retail for brands. This tornado effect window display idea is to show: Through the calm water on the surface. I don’t know how deep the bottom of the water is. It is a metaphor for people who are silent on the surface but have great power.  

The designer use tornado element to present the sporting shoes. It’s a symbol of  powerful and pretty good idea for visual merchandising. In addition, size of this product is 3 meters and weight about 40KGS. As window display props factory, we take careful to consider package. This window display prop needs to pack by crates. Inside with styrofoam to protect goods.

All window display projects are produced by Ho Display, thanks for watching! If you have any project to be consultant, please contact with us immediately. We will provide our experienced suggestion for you.

View more projects you can click to learn more project. Here is professional window display props manufacturer.

event display props

Giant Wooden Book Event Display Props

Giant Wooden Book Event Display Props

Event decoration is part of visual merchandising. Giant display props are popular idea to design for visual merchandising or window display. Especially in shopping mall. Retailers are keen to improve stores environment as well as shopping mall. Here we are to produce event display props and show how we did this project.

event display props

First, we choose MDF to make this construction. Such large size needs strong material. Also production cost needs to consider. Therefore MDF is the choice. In the meanwhile, only strong and tough material can make sure it is safe to move. We think of delivering great goods in your hands.

Second, during store or shipping mall condition. We also consider the key point, safety. We need to ensure event display props are stable for people. As visual merchandising props supplier, we always consider this. To improve this, we add sands in the bottom. It is heavier to stand well. Also, we add screws to lock. That is double check to have no dangers at all.

Third, MDF needs to polish very smoothly. Because the surface of fabric has to stick perfectly close. You can see inside of event display props, there is lights. LED system hides on the bottom, we can see no wires. This is how we make this such giant book.

Finally, package and transport. In fact the giant book props are fine to close as book with hinge. But it needs two strong guys to open and pack it. In this way, transport fee can reduce. We use bobbles to protect inside. Then we use crates as big box to pack. We also add stryrofoam to keep the event display props with more protection. So, this leaves us no worries.

In conclusion, material is MDF. Construction is folded. Surface is stick fabric and LED inside of giant book.

Window display manufacturer

Window Display Manufacturer Display Props

Window Display Manufacturer Display Props

Astronaut is a novel element in window display. Some famous apparel brands use this element. This idea design is to use for visual merchandising props. And promotional events props or shipping decoration. As window display manufacturer, we keep updating to adapt our ability. From multiple materials to combine. And surface finish to make. Like painting, plating, flocking, veneer. We are here to introduce how we work this project. How many materials we use to make. And surface finish, also delivery time for this fiberglass props.

Window display manufacturer

First, fiberglass is main material to produce this spaceman. 3D print seems best choice to make shape. But we have to choose mud to make sculpture as shape. Because we can see this spaceman needs to have wrinkled cloth. As window display manufacturer provides proper solution. So this is why mud is better choice according this project.

Second, we confirm to use mud as proper choice. After that mold development is next move to go. But there is one important point needing to take care. We meed to ensure this spaceman standing stably. So we add sands in order to have more weight. That is easy and simple way to make it work. Therefore, we do not need to worry this spaceman will fall. The easiest and simplest way is window display manufacturer should to provide. Particularly, for window display props. More easier more cheaper.

Finally, surface finish. We use special stickers to cover surface for painting. So in this way, we just paint color one by one. So there is no mix colors to make looking good. All colors are perfect to settle. And we optimize package to have extra space to pack base. Because acrylic sheet is easy to break. So soft foam is to use. All details are consider by us, the experienced window display manufacturer.

In conclusion, this is the normal way to produce fiberglass props.

Fiberglass Balloons Shopping Mall Decor Visual Merchandising

Fiberglass Balloons

Shopping Mall Decor Visual Merchandising Fiberglass Balloons

Retailers prepare event to display their style. And the way of how they do promotional merchandising. Visual merchandising props and decoration is part of this. This we act quick display. It is to show the new shopping condition in store or shopping mall. So then new series of updated products coming. Retailers will update visual merchandising props too. This display decoration is fiberglass balloons. But we need these balloons look a bit more likely bulb. So this is how the idea comes.

Introduction to how we make this project. And what materials can introduce on this work. This promotional event display props are used multiple materials. Material of balloons is fiberglass. Or it is called Fiber Reinforce Plastic. The surface finish by flocking and painting. Support pipe is stainless finish by electroplating. Base is made from MDF finish by flocking. Production process and technique. Normally, 3D print is an efficient way to make shape. However such size of balloon is large to increase cost. Therefore we choose mud sculpture to make shape. The shape is main used to develop mold for nest of fiberglass balloons to produce.

The support pole is to use stainless material. Because is strong enough to resistant to rust. Surface finish plating is very easy to rust. Specially for vacuum plating. That is why we choose stainless material. By the way, 304 stainless is proper choice to select. It is strong enough for display props. No need to have better stainless. So in this way to support fiberglass balloons. We will have no worries to see defects of this whole visual merchandising. Base material is MDF to make construction. Surface finish is flocking technique.

In conclusion of this visual merchandising props. Usage of materials; fiberglass, 304 stainless, MDF. Surface finish; painting, flocking, plating. Base is detachable to optimize package.

Visual Merchandising Products Giant Frame Props

visual merchandising products

Visual Merchandising Products Giant Frame Props

Photo frame is a historical symbol. This means storage of memory. It becomes more and more artistic of decoration. This is how the idea of visual merchandising products starts. To enlarge photo frame as window display props to boast products. Here giant photo frame is a great decoration to display. You can see how various style of frames by following this design idea. We are going to how you how we make this giant frame as decoration.

First, we use 45°connection way to assemble this frame. It is more simple and aesthetic. We insert connection system in the end of frame. So we just simple put them together to lock. Super easy way to connect and assemble. This we confirm the visual merchandising products construction.

visual merchandising products

Second, fiberglass is first material to consider. Because we need to customize the unique style and construction window display props. Therefore we introduce fiberglass as the proper solution. Fiberglass can make visual merchandising products for almost every window display project. Mud is very good material to form shape for developing mold. It is elastic to modify during forming shape. We add slot inside edge of frame to place LED system. When shapes are completed, then we start to develop mold.

Third, surface finish is painted by rough matt car painting. That is why this visual merchandising products look dust on surface. LED system and wire hide inside of frame. So you will not see that. This LED system is to have direct wire to charge. Just turn on bottom you will see the whole photo frame lights up. Such construction looks heavy. In fact,however, it is very light less than 9kg. Thanks to KD construction, package optimizes a lot to reduce transport fee.

In conclusion, fiberglass is proper material to make frame. Inserting LED system inside of these window display props to light up.

Shopping Mall Props Visual Merchandising Display Props

Shopping Mall Props – Visual Merchandising Display Props

The shopping condition of mall is to stimulate consumers to buy goods. Also it is key factor to make people impulse purchase. In the relation with such condition is visual merchandising. Because eyes are most important factor to catch. This is why all retailers are keen on update window display props. As well as shopping mall. So display props are also introduced to make people satisfied with shopping atmosphere. Therefore various display props place in shopping mall or retail stores. Most symbol is window display.

Visual merchandising keeps updating. It means visual merchandising products also keep updating. So as visual merchandising props supplier, we have to keep updating our own skills. In comparison, shopping mall props are larger than window display props normally. Because the space of window display is limited. And far more important factor is mall as an organizer. In other words, shopping mall props are needing more attractive than stores. It is first profile for people to see.

This video shows a series of theme of merchandising. It can be introduced in mall or brands’ window display. Almost each visual merchandising props are related with seasons. This giant balloon props connect to summer season. So to display clothes with these shopping mall props are summer clothes. Such display props are silent salesman to introduce your product very moment. It is very hard to avoid to see such attractive visual merchandising. As window display props supplier, we can do every kind of design.

Hodisplay has great experience of window display props. We can have proper suggestion just in a second after checking design. We know how to choose what material and optimize construction to make display props much more efficiently.

In conclusion, great experience of visual display props. No matter window display props or shopping mall pros. You will realize how easy to work with you select us to support.

Outdoor Decoration Giant Display Props

Outdoor Decoration Giant Display Props

Outdoor giant display props display to show symbolic advertising. Some brands make their giant logo to guide. Some retailers place representative decoration. It is more and more popular to have representative decoration. Outdoor decoration is needed more and more. It is like a sign to welcome comers.