FRP glass fiber dinosaur sculpturer

Fiberglass Dinosaur Statue Display Props

FRP glass fiber dinosaur sculpturer

Fiberglass Dinosaur statue display props in Window

As you can see the gorgeous fiberglass dinosaur statue sculpture in window display. why so many luxury brands like fiberglass props? And how we produce this kind of display props?

Let’s check it out how we make it and to learn more what the process is going.

fiberglass dinosaur

First, when design drawing or pictures are confirmed by client, we start to shape at start. There are three ways to make mold. One is 3D-print: it’s very common in small props and 3D drawing provided. Second is foam sculpture to use mud. But if we don’t have drawing and the props are giant, then we can consider mud sculpture. Because we can modify shape of fiberglass dinosaur statue on mud. Point key is to keep wet, so it is very convenient to work whthout certain demands.

The sculptor will prepare iron bone structure before putting muds on it. Then the shape of dinosaur statue comes into being slowly. It’s flexible if we want to change its shape. But make sure it’s wet(use bags to cover it), otherwise the sculpture would be cracked in three days. Here complains details at start of making fiberglass dinosaur statue.

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When mud sculpture finished, then move to next step. Make “real” mold on mud sculpture. A mixture of fiberglass and resin coating on surface of mud sculpture. Normally the thickness is 3mm-8mm, just depends on how big the prop is. We must make sure it’s strong enough. Then we move on next step: Mold repair and polish. This process is very important and infects the effect of final painting. There are some bubbles or embossing hole on mold surface, we must repair them and polish surface until smooth. Eventutally, fiberglass dinosaur statue shape is ok then.

giant dinosaur statue

Then we can color this giant buddy if we finish above process. It’s a tough work because there are many colors relevant that we should use paper to cover the place where we don’t want to paint on. The final step is packing. Make sure it’s safe enough during transportation.

ho display

Dimensions: L300/W40/H140cm, base 45*45*8cm

Gross Weight: 60KGS

Normally, tooling costs about 3-5 days and first sample needs 15 days. Mass production needs 30-60 days, depends on quantity.

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PVC Camel Statue Props In Window Display

camel window display props

PVC Camel Statue Props In Window Display

Great presentation comes from excellent design and display. We are here to provide custom serivce of window display props. 

Introduction of production process of this camel statue. First PVC sheet is light and low cost material to consider. Second, UV printing technique is make surface finish on the whole sheet. After that we use CNC to cut shapes. Finally, it is to assemble surface finished by UV painting. 

The vitally important point is how to deal with such pieces when the quantity is many. We use pipeline way to assemble, each position to settle assembly mold. So in case to prevent people make mistake and improve labor force. The most cost spends on this step for this PVC camel statue props project.

Ho Display is experienced in customized window display props. VM solution and event decoration are in our service range. To offering one-stop service since 2010 with various materials. Including materials: acrylic, PVC, wood, metal, fiberglass/resin and 3D-print workshops. Take this PVC camel statue for example, it is simply one part of our ability.

PVC camel statue props are most likely jigsaw, but it is much larger. This PVC camel needs to use high density PVC foam sheet to assemble. Because we need to consider it is strong enough and tough. Particularly, its surface is easy to scratch. 

We can take the mysterious, hazy design and carve out of it anything that we can imagine.  Just as a sculptor carves a statue from a shapeless stone.

Conclusion, PVC is very light material but a little bit fragile. Double sides of UV print on surface finish, but the edge is white color. At last, the designer told us the idea inspired from Chinese shadow puppetry.

Plese to see more window display case at to learn more.

Gold metal palm tree

Golden Palm Tree Display Props Finish Electroplating

Summer window display

Golden Palm Tree Display Props Finish Electroplating

Palm tree is one of elements of Summer season. Brands have to find display props to match the shopping condition. So it is one of ideas for visual merchandising. Please follow our introduction to learn how we make this gold palm tree.

First material is to use acrylic. Size and shape simply need to have thin material. Also, it needs to be easy forming the shape. Therefore, acrylic is fit to this project. How we do to form this shape of golden palm tree leaves? The answer is to use heat. We use MDF to make mold, then just put leaves. Then heater to make this soft. Eventually, it will be the shape which we want by mold. And This window display golden palm tree is finished by painting gold color. In the meanwhile, such gold palm tree can be plating to have glossy gold color. After all color painting, we add glossy oil. This is to prevent scratches to protect surface of products. We make sure you will receive perfect products in hands without harm.

Second, we use metal to produce base and supports to assemble. So this construction is workable to reduce package and transport cost. Each leaf has connection support on back. It is easy and simple to assemble this golden palm tree display prop. Even without instruction brochure.

The summer indow display props are perfect example to show in window display. As window display props supplier, Hodisplay is well learned to find proper solution to produce each project. So we are good at working on multiple materials for window display props. This golden palm tree display prop is to combine metal and acrylic.

In conclusion, we introduce acrylic and metal, these two materials. Technique is to use heating and painting. This project only takes 25 days to provide 288 stores. The simplest way to complete this golden palm tree project. This popular summer season window display is to complete.

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Window display props fiberglass pigs

Window Display Props

window display props

 Here to show how we complete fiberglass stripe pigs.

Fiberglass pigs

From beganing, Mud sculpture is efficient way to make the shape on visual merchandising design. Almost each season window is urgent to publish with timeline. Therefore as window display props factory, we need to find proper solution to match client’s needs.

First all, we use mud to make shape. This step simply takes two or three days. After this step is to complete, we will develop mold by using silica gel and fiberglass. These two steps take seven days. Second, we can see first product to do surface finish. Here is advantage to choose fiberglass material to do this window display props. Finally, this fiberglass pig’s body is to complete, we use elastic stick to put on. This special stick is fine to stretch, our skilled workers can adjust surface stripes. Therefore, it can look good in order. We need to keep enough elastic to match every window display products.

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window display props


Today, window display is an important role to attract attention from potential customers. The match of colors are a priority and element are another important technique. Moreover, Hodisplay is experienced window display props supplier to complete various VM design. we are a manufacturer which has five workshops (wood, metal, acrylic, fiberglass, paper) to make window display props.

This fiberglass pig is made from fiberglass finished by painting and tape to present this perfect window display. See more window display props to view our blog. You will find this is professional visual merchandising factory.

Conclusion, window advertising is one of the most common and widely used forms of publicity in commercial advertising. In other words, It plays a positive role in promoting the production of all walks of life. Expanding the circulation of commodities and guiding consumption. Window advertising, like other advertising media. develops with the development of commodity production.

Christmas decoration

Christmas Window Display Props

window display christmas decoration props

Christmas Window Display Props

Christmas is one of most important festival for retail. Because this day people are much more willing to shop. So during this period all brands need to update visual merchandising. Here we go, christmas window display props for each Christmas. Let us view steps how we make this animal statue projects for Christmas project.

Fiberglass statue sculpture

First, mud sculpture. 3D print is good option to make shape, but it needs time to draw. So when it is urgent mud is best choice to work. Especially when size and details are not clear. Mud sculpture forms inch by inch, therefore this shape is ok to modify during this step. But this step needs to take careful keeping wet.

Second, when shape is done. We can develeop mold to produce fiberglass products. This is one of ways to complete Christmas display props projects. Inside of mold stick on silica gel. Outside of mold is fiberglass to keep solid and harp. This is whole mold to do fiberglass animal statue. Below you can see the new born products from mold.

Fiberglass statue

Third, this just comes from mold. Surface needs to polish and deal with dots or scratches. So after this work completes, we start to painting color. As window display prop supplier, we use special painting sticker. This sticker is to prevent from other color to mix. This Christmas window display props need to have different color. So, we need to paint four times. One color painting completes, we take off stickers moving to next step.

In conclusion, this is how we produce this christmas window display props. Also, almost fiberglass products produce in such process. The style and fiberglass rats to present this. These fiberglass mice are vivid to catch passers-by eyes as window display props. In visual merchandising industry, Hodisplay completed tremendous cases of window display props to support retail brands and shopping malls. 

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Window Display Props Manufacturer Makes Visual Merchandising

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Glasses Visual Merchandising Window Display Props Manufacturer

Bolon retailer Glasses window display in 2020 made in China. Typical visual merchandising element is window display. Here we are going to bring you how we did this. And what materials and technique we use. You will learn what a Window Display Props Manufacturer make window display.

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First, when we receive visual merchandising design. We will provide options and suggestion to retailer. Here most important points are to choose material. It is key point to make this whole design with great looking and cost effective. This project uses MDF, LED and metal. Surface finish is to introduce painting and silk screen. As Window Display Props Manufacturer will optimize construction. This construction is workable to break down. So store just simply needs to assemble by easy steps. Proper solution is provided by us. All steps produce in our own workshops. Therefore each step works under our control. All is predictable as production plan.

Second, we will assemble the whole window display to check at prototype. Just in case to see if there is issues.  In this step, we will see the whole design to complete. So after that we will have no worries to go mass production. This is how we work as Window Display Props factory. All LED connection is well protected to make sure safe. This is key point we will consider as Window Display Props Manufacturer. In the meanwhile, all LED system is tested before to ship out. We hide wires of LED in products.

Thrid, we use five layers KK degree corrugated paper carton. It is hard and rough enough to protect goods. Inside we use foam to ensure goods do not move during travelling.

In conclusion, construction is detachable. LED system is well tested and hidden wires to make sure good looking. Surface finish is to use painting, power coating.

2020 - BOLON New Season Concept Window Display

Window Display Company Makes Bolon VM

2020 - BOLON New Season Concept Window Display

Window Display Company Makes Bolon VM In 2o2o

LED has been widely introduced in visual merchandising. Especially in window display props. Bright lights are strong to catch eyes from passing consumers. But LED is simply one element to display. Visual merchandising design is needing more materials to combine. This window display is to have iron, stainless, vinyl, acrylic. As window display company, this is our job to make them on the ground. Here to bring you view to learn how we produce visual merchandising props.

2020 - BOLON New Season Concept Window Display

First, we need to check construction and materials first when we see design. We will make sure all details are able to produce. Also we need to consider cost. This is balance to make quality and effective cost. After this, we provide options and solution with our great experience of window display props.

Second, we use iron materials to make these triangle. Weld technique makes all connection is strong to put together. The surface finish of metal triangle is painted gold color. This project uses main element is LED. Therefore we choose most proper acrylic material. This material is very helpful to spread lights. These hanging cube lights are made from acrylic.

Third, the main LED triangle. The light Cube needs to have connection. As window display company we prefer to stainless to connect each LED cube. Because these connection supports need to have electroplating finish. So stainless is best choice. In this way, we can avoid rusting problems. As professional window dispaly props company, we will test the whole window before mass production. This how we do to test, please see second image. 

In conclusion, Iron, stainless, LED, vinvl, are introduced in this window display props project. The whole work tests in our own factory. If you are looking for end window display company to produce VM. Here we are to support you. you will learn how efficient we are. Because we are not middle man, we are end supplier.