Custom window display props

Material: Acrylic, metal

Type: Window display products, visual merchandising props

Finish: Painting

Usage: Retail window display

Accessory: LED

Style: Fashionable

Supplier: Hodisplay

We offer display work for event, promotion, you can leave your project and find peace to see how each project is done properly. Visual merchandising is getting more and more important and window display is key. Supplier is easy to find working on display projects but a proffesional supplier who has multiple materials understand and knowlege working on various material project is totally different and hard.

Here we are, Ho display, provides multiple materials capacity in display industry across acrylic, metal, fiberglass, paper, wood, PVC these main materials for window display and other visual merchandising products, as window display props factory, we have wealthy experience of working window display props or event decoration. We have luxury standard to working on our display job, all clients can only find no worries when we are doing projects.