Planet Window display props

Type: Window display decoration, visual merchandising

Theme: Planet

Style: Luxury

Application: Cloth window display, retail visual merchandising

Material: Fiberglass and metal

Shape: Sphere

Usage: Visual merchandising, window display

Fashion keeps changing, fashionable brands have to catch the trend of popular point. This window display introduced recent popular theme stars and planet to make this window display in visual merchandising. These window display props are including fiberglass, metal, acrylic materials to complete, in Hodisplay, we run multiple materials workshop to finish display props projects, a manufacturer who combies many materials to complete sampling and bulk production has elastic capacity and production system with great organisation to get projects done in its own factory properly, clients will have peace in mind to see how works are done.

Visual merchandising products and window display producst are almost same job to do so, the main materials would be used (fiberglass, metal, acrylic, wood, PVC, paper) in the production of Hodisplay’s capacity.