Window display company

As window display props manufacturer has to have multiple material knowledge. So that we can have ablility to complete diverse design. Visual merchandising is becoming more and more important for retailiers. it is also a great advertisement to catch eyes from passing customers. Window display keeps changing since it was born commercially. As professional window display company, we have specialized understanding and experience in window display props industry. Especially for visual merchandising products, when people are more and more demanding. We are the window display factory to erase worries for retailers. Our job is to do rest, you just need to leave window display design.

Introduction of Technique: It is to use acrylic sheet cut by CNN. Next step, surface finish is used water transfer print tech to stick on surface of acrylic sheet. Water transfer print is excellent tech introducing in window display props for visual merchandising. Therefore as a professional and smart window display supplier will chose this firs. Here hanging cube is made from PVC, this is very light material to be sure how safe it is to hanging for long time, also surface is finished by water transfer print to match the effect of design.

LED lights are put on back of acrylic display props. That is how to see lights, all after done to show the completed work. Here, a professional window display company to make your visual merchandising design on the ground.

After all, window display props or visual merchandising products are not easy to make. Especially with short time for each season window display, so as window display company needs to be much more elastic. To think of smart way producing visual display props. Also we need to consider how to control the cost to product. This is key balance to keep good quality and budget.

Conclusion, To learn more projects and window display props technique. You are welcome to view our other window display blogs.